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Your Role

In this role you may be working as an Operations Administrator or Developer Operations (DevOps). Even though you may not be responsible for the setup of the ArangoDB deployment you are responsible for monitoring and operating the environment. Managing backup, recovery, performance and security issues are a function of your role.You provide technical support to teams, and generally make sure that your organization is getting the most out of the ArangoDB deloyment in a cost effictive and reliable manner.

You may use also arangodb scripts and API to automate tasks and operations.

Your learning path


You can directly jump to the topic of choice by clicking on the nodes in the mermaid diagram above. The nodes link to the appropriate sections on the developer hub. Alternatively you can follow the list of tutorials in the section below.

Tutorial List

  1. Monitoring with Grafana and Prometheus

Additional References

  1. Documentation
  2. Monitoring ArangoDB with Prometheus and Grafana Blog