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Create a database

Before we import any data into ArangoDB let go ahead and create a database where the data can reside.

  1. Login to the ArangoDB web interface using your username and password

    "ArangoDB Login"

  2. Select the _system database to log into

    "Choose System"

  3. Follow the steps to create the travel database

    • (1) Click DATABASES on the left navigation
    • (2) Click + Add Database
    • (3) Specify travel as the database name
    • (4) Click the green Create button

    "Create Travel DB"

  4. Next lets switch into the newly created travel database

    • (1) Click the _SYSTEM link on the top right

    "Select _SYSTEM_"

  5. Select travel as the database

"Select travel"

  1. Sign into the travel database by clicking the Select DB: travel

"Select travel"

  1. Confirm that the top right side on the UI the database is set to TRAVEL

"Switched to travel"

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