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Engaging with ArangoDB

There are various ways to engage with ArangoDB both community and enterprise

Shared / Community resources


ArangoDB is available in two versions Community and Enterprise. The community version of the source code is available here

Besides the core database there are a wide variety of repositories on github for arangodb including kube-arango and drivers.

Here are some additional repositories which have valuable content:

  1. ArangoDB interactive turtorials
  2. Grafana dashboards
  3. Generate test load using the Feed Tool
  4. Cluster maintenance tools
  5. Sample datasets
  6. Agency Analyzer tool


Slack is the best mechanism to get help from experts and the community

Stack Overflow

Stack overflow is a great resource to find answers to commonly asked questions by simply searching for your issue

Enterprise / Customer resources

Enterprise customers have access to technical support portal, technical account managers and where applicable dedicated slack channels for support

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